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"Goldsmithing is my language, and each work is a visual poetry that encapsulates the intrinsic beauty of creativity cast in metal."


Dinastía López Orfebres has its roots deeply rooted in the City of Puebla, dating back to the year 1862. In that historical moment, Don Francisco Gerardo López emerged as a prominent figure when he was in charge of elaborating the imperial seals during the ephemeral reign of Maximilian and Carlota.

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The tradition and art of goldsmithing have endured through the generations, and today, it is Arthur J. Lopez, Don Francisco's great-great-grandson, who leads the legacy of his ancestors. With an unwavering commitment to aesthetics and craftsmanship excellence, we continue to bring to life nature's most precious materials.

Proudly in our fifth generation, we continue to forge bronze works of art, sculptures of artistic value and unique gold and silver work. Our work ranges from bronze plaques to commemorative coins, serving religious institutions, government and private collectors.

Among our most outstanding creations are the frames of the Virgin of Guadalupe in the Basilica and the Crowns in silver and gold, along with the scepter encrusted with precious stones. In addition, we have had the honor of making the coffers that safeguard the Constitution and the Act of Independence of the United Mexican States, as well as the Key to Mexico City, given to distinguished visitors.


Our reach transcends borders; we are present in more than 8 countries on 2 continents. From important monuments in our homeland to revered works of art in Europe, our legacy extends across geography and history.

At Dinastía López Orfebres, each piece is a manifestation of our dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and commitment to cultural heritage. Beyond creating objects, we create enduring connections between the past, present and future, honoring the rich goldsmith tradition that defines us.

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