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Statue Ing. Rene Gonzalez Justo

Statue Ing. Rene Gonzalez Justo

Statue Ing. Rene Gonzalez Justo
The "Ing. Rene Gonzalez Justo Statue" is a tribute to the ingenuity, dedication and vision of the distinguished engineer, whose legacy endures as a beacon of inspiration for future generations. His figure is an emblem of the transformative power of engineering and innovation in modern society.

From the respected workshop of Sculptor López, heir to the fifth generation of the illustrious López Dynasty, emerges the distinguished "Ing. René González Justo Statue". This work of art, with more than two decades of goldsmith experience, commemorates the remarkable trajectory and legacy of Engineer González Justo in the field of engineering and innovation. The statue, made using the lost wax bronze casting technique, chiseled and retouched by hand, acquires its final charm with a captivating brown patina, obtained by fire.


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