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Benito Juarez Garcia Statue

Ozumba, Edo. de Mexico

Ozumba, Edo. de Mexico

Benito Juarez Statue
The technique of lost wax bronze casting gives the statue an exceptional authenticity. Each stroke of the chisel, each stroke meticulously retouched by hand, highlights the majestic details of the figure of Benito Juarez. The brown patina, masterfully applied by fire, adds a unique depth and a touch of solemnity.

From the revered workshop of Master Sculptor López, a distinguished member of the fifth generation of the López Dynasty, emerges the "Benito Juárez Statue". This masterful piece, conceived with more than 20 years of goldsmith expertise, pays homage to the illustrious Benito Juárez through the technique of lost wax cast bronze, chiseled and retouched by hand, concluding in a captivating brown patina achieved by fire.


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