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Deer Sculpture

Deer Sculpture

Deer Sculpture

From the venerable workshop of the distinguished López Sculptor, an outstanding member of the prestigious López Dynasty, emerges a work that pays homage to the majesty and grace of the Mexican fauna: the "Deer Sculpture". With more than two decades of experience in the creation of magnificent bronze sculptures, the artist has given life to this masterpiece using the ancestral technique of lost wax casting, each detail meticulously chiseled and retouched by hand, and finally finished with a brown patina obtained by fire.

The "Deer Sculpture" is a captivating representation of the beauty and elegance of the deer, one of the most emblematic creatures of the Mexican fauna. Through the image of this majestic animal, the sculpture transports us to the lush forests and meadows where it lives, inviting us to contemplate its grace and power.


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